Gradient Star Green
6th Sep 2017 | Posted by TTDeye

Gradient Star Green

Okay so today I’m reviewing these super cute bright green lenses from @ttd_eye!They are called "Gradient Star Green"


First of all, I’d like to point out they are actually really bright and blend fairly nicely with my eyes,which I always love! Also the sparkle design is so cute that why I got them.They offer these lenses in different colors which is great because I really want to try them without any jokes.

The comfort of these lenses is also fantastic,I’ve never worked with this company before so I was overall really impressed. I think the only think I didn’t enjoy about these contacts is that they are probably the thinnest I’ve had,it just means they need to be handled with more care than usual. But the company did send a travel case that came with the contact case as well as a little suction cup and to help put in and remove the lenses!

So that made me feel a lot better and less worried when working with the company.


In the end I would highly recommend these for anyone who wants a dolly or cute look,I used them for peridot and I think it suited her quite a bit!


If you have any questions about my experience with this company or the lenses themselves please feel free to ask @ttdeye @ttd_eye

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