Kakao Friends Contact Case: 5 lovely family members
30th Mar 2018 | Posted by TTDeye

Kakao Friends Contact Case: 5 lovely family members

Today, we like to talk about five very popular members of Kakao Friends and some contact lenses cases based on their cartoon characters. Let's meet them one by one, they are naughty Apeach, elegant Neo, funny Muzi, brave Ryan and timid Tube.

No.1: Apeach (Pink) Contact Case

Whether this Contact Case looks like a pink peach or a water drop, you just can not move your eyes away from it. Coming from Korean Kakao Friends, Apeach is a cute cartoon character favored by many people.

                   Apeach (Pink) Contact Case

                                       Apeach (Pink) Contact Case on sale

Actually, Apeach is a peach escaped from a peach tree of genetic mutation, which makes it half male and half female. Some of her personalities make her stand out among Kakao Friends, such as naughty and cute.

Even as a trouble maker, her harmless expression often makes people consciously forgive and lets everyone fall in love with her. Did her big bright eyes and kissing gesture get you attracted? So, just take it!

No.2: Neo (Blue) Contact Case

This lovely cartoon contact case is easy to remind you of one character from Korean Kakao Friends. Neo, an indifferent woman, who lives in the city and dreams of being a star since childhood. She is so proud of her black fake hair and thinks that there is no one in the world more important than herself.

                 Neo (Blue) Contact Case

                                   Neo (Blue) Contact Case on sale

And this is why this Contact Case is so unique and special. Life is hard, but we always can face it with the belief in ourselves and focus more on yourself like Neo. Let's star with getting one Neo Contact Case for your lens.

No.3: Muzi (Yellow) Contact Case

Muzi is actually a yellow pickled radish in our lunch box. The yellow pickled radish is just dressed in a rabbit costume. Muzi is raised by a mysterious little crocodile, so she treats the crocodile as his father. They live together, play together and grow up together.

                    Muzi (Yellow) Contact Case

                                      Muzi (Yellow) Contact Case on sale

She is a very lively yellow radish child who likes to sleep. So funny of her! How can you say "no" to such a delicate and lovely rabbit named Muzi ? It is very nice to have a Contact Lens Case like this one.

No.4: Ryan (Brown) Contact Case

Ryan Contact Case is more than a case, as it is related to the most popular cartoon character of Kakao Friends. Ryan is a lion with no mane, even his tail is round, short and cute. Ryan escaped from the east island at midnight to come to live in the mountains of the city of Kakao Friends. Ryan likes to watch movies and eat popcorn as most girls do.

                 Ryan (Brown) Contact Case

                                      Ryan (Brown) Contact Case on sale

Ryan gave up his throne and sneaked out to chase freedom and find the meaning of his life. His experience makes Ryan a tutor and role model to us, because many of us want to lead a life we desire like Ryan. And a brown lion Contact Case with pink cheeks on the face really suits a young lady who loves beauty.

No.5: Tube (White) Contact Case

Have you ever thought about a duck Contact Case for your contacts? Like this one, in a shape of little white duck. Tube Contact Case is a very adorable case with funny expression.

                    Tube (White) Contact Case

                                   Tube (White) Contact Case on sale

The cartoon character related to this Contact Lenses Case comes from Korean Kakao Friends. Tube is a timid and kind-hearted duck, who always wears a pair of big duck shoes to hide his small feet.

Tube likes to smile, but he will become a crazy duck who spurts fire and turns over the table when extremely afraid or angry. And he has a little baby rabbit to accompany him. Having such a lovely duck Contact Case is surely your best choice.

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