Mystery Queen,  Mystery Green
3rd Aug 2017 | Posted by TTDeye

Mystery Queen, Mystery Green

Contact lens review for @ttd_eye!

"Mystery Green" from the Party series. Water content: 38-45% Thickness: 0.004 mm Base curve: 8.5-8.6 mm Diameter: 14-14.5 mm Lifespan: 12 months

Color: 5/5 Because I have very dark brown eyes,it's difficult to find lenses that show up on me that don't look ridiculously artificial.These lenses are bright and vibrant without looking super fake.They make a clear difference and are noticeable even from a distance.They're bright in both direct and indirect light.

Comfort: 5/5

I honestly kept forgetting I was even wearing them. They're very lightweight and flexible so you don't really feel them when you blink. They sit comfortably, and because of the opening in the center you don't see any halo of color when wearing them.

Enlargement: 5/5

You can clearly see a difference in how big your eyes look when you compare the lenses to your naked eye. What I love about them is that the amount of enlargement isn't absurd or overdone; it's just enough to cover your eye and stand out. The darker rim isn't too stark either, which helps the lenses appear more natural.

Overall: 5/5

I am in love with these! I've been looking for a pair of natural-looking green lenses for ages, and I'm so happy with how these look and feel.I can't wait to wear them for future cosplays and show them off at cons and in photo shoots!

These lenses are also available in prescriptions!

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