Party series lens--Mystery Yellow
19th Aug 2017 | Posted by TTDeye

Party series lens--Mystery Yellow

Review of @ttd_eye lenses Mystery Yellow

The shipping was very fast and the lenses came with a cute case and little traveling box including tools for the lenses as you can see in my previous post c:
Wearing Comfort: ★★★★★ 5/5
These lenses are very comfy to wear, after a short time (about 5 minutes) I didn't even notice them anymore.
The color looks pretty natural and blends in with my natural eye color. But to be honest, I thought these ones were a little bit more yellowish, they are kinda more yellow-orange. Still it's a pretty color and the coverage of these lenses is very good too!
Enlargement: ★★★★★ 5/5
These lenses aren't the biggest one but it's still a 5/5 for me as a guy who doesn't aim for these big lolita eyes, so everything is fine here.
But of course you can clearly see the differnce in the "one-in-one-out".

I think these lenses are some good "allrounders"(?) because they are looking pretty natural but still enlarge your eyes and can be used for cosplaying some yellow/orange/light brown eyed characters.
Thank you @ttd_eye for sponsoring me these cool lenses! Hope you like my review!

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