21st Jan 2018 | Posted by TTDeye

Tips on How to Avoid Low Quality Contact Lens

Contact lens should attach to our eye bowls. Therefore, we must learn tips on how to avoid low quality contact lens. You must know that expensive is not mean safe and high quality. You’d better choose the proper types contact lens and then take high quality into consideration. Let’s begin with choosing a right contact lens.

How to choose an appropriate contact lens?

Firstly, you should have knowledge of types of contact lens. There are five kinds of contact lens. They are hard contact lens (which always made of PMMA)、 soft lens、RGP lens (Rigid Gas Permeable lens)、Hybrid contact lenses and Silicone hydrogen lenses. Feel confuse about these names, right? Let me list their pros and cons to give you brief impression about these lenses.

Types Pros Cons
Hard contact lens lExcellent optics

lBetter choice for people with astigmatism

luncomfortable to wear

lTake a long time to adopt

Soft lens lComfortable to wear

lCan be worn for a long time.

lEasily polluted in dusty environment.

RGP lens

lAllow oxygen pass trough

lMore close to your eyes

luncomfortable to wear

lTake a long time to adapt

Hybridlens lAnother better choice for people with astigmatism lExpensive

lDifficult to fit

Silicone hydrogel lens lHigh oxygen permeability

lReally popular


lUncomfortable for some people.

What’s more? You should consider how long you would like to wear this contact lens. Thus, you can choose from daily wear or extend wear. In my opinion, daily wear may be cleaner and have less possible of infection.

The last point was written for girls who want to change their appearance via wearing contact lens. There is a kind of lens called colored contact lens which can modify your appearance. For example, a blue contact lens can make your eye deep. Just like the one in the picture. It is a product from ttdeye.

How to choose high quality contact lens?

When choosing a contact lens, you should check out these parameters.

Oxygen permeability: you must know that our eyes also need breath. If a contact lens with low oxygen permeability, your eyes might feel dry after you wear lens for several hours.

Water content: A lens with high water content will result eye dry after long time wearing. High water content lens means it needs more water in another word, tears. The more tears absorbed by the lens, the more uncomfortable of your eyes.

Central thickness: If the central thickness is less than 0.04mm, it belongs to ultra thin. The ideal thickness is 0.04mm-0.06mm and normal one is range from 0.04mm to 0.09mm. What’s feeling can an ultra thin lens bring to you? More comfortable wear experience when wear it.

However, you can’t just choose a contact lens on your own after check out these parameters. The condition of your eyes should also take into account. So, you can avoid low quality contact lens.

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