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Tips that you never know about colored contact lenses-TTD ·Q&A-Chapter 2

HELLO Babes! Welcome to Chapter 2 of TTDQ&A- Tips you have not known about colored contact lenses.

I have put some questions sorted out to make it clearly, and to learn about them together with our fans.

Is there any question in the under that you are concerned about?

Q1: What kind of people are not suggested to wear colored contact lenses?

People with sensitive eyes should not wear colored contact lenses; people whose eyes get inflammation should not wear colored contact lenses, and people whose eyes have fresh blood vessels around the cornea should not wear the lenses; people whose eyes has very low corneal base curve should not wear the colored contact lenses.

Q2: What circumstances should we not wear colored contact lenses in?

1. In sleeping 2. In barbecue 3. Having a fever 4. In menstrual period (high intraocular pressure)

5. In swimming 6.In a long time windward work 7.In a break-up crying night 8. in flying

Q3: How long should we wear the lenses within 1 day?

We should not wear the lenses more than 10 hours within one day. For the ones wearing contact lenses at the first time, they should pay more attention to the wearing time,wear the lenses for 2 hours at the first day, 4 hours at the second day, 6 hours at the third day... accumulate the time gradually; but we’d better wearing the lenses within 8 hours one day.

Q4: How to choose colored contact lenses correctly?

1.Firstly, go to a certificated optometrist to check whether your eyes are suitable for wearing lenses on.

2.Please do not seek cheap when choose and purchase the colored contact lenses.

We should choose the lenses brands with certain quality certificated in case of harm to the eyes; so choose a good lenses brand is to choose the protection for our eyes at the first step. TTDeye is a good choice.

3.When we are wearing the lenses, we may come across eyes drying, foreign body sensation or eyes irritating.All these are related to the material of the colored contact lenses. The materials of the lenses are usually polymacon or hydrogel. The best material of which is polymacon, which is also the material that TTDeye contact lenses made from, it has very high oxygen permeability, at the same time its high water content will not let your eyes be dried, and will not let your eyes feel uncomfortable. This kind of lenses are the ones we must choose.

4.Colored contact lenses have many colors and certain sizes to choose.We should choose the lenses according to our own eyes' diameter size,pupil color,hair color, makeup to buy. For example, black/ brown are the most popular colors of colored lenses;they can match with one person whenever she does not makeup or makeup.

5.Colored contact lenses can be sorted into daily throwing lenses, monthly throwing lenses, and yearly throwing lenses according to their throwing period. The differences of them are their throwing time and using effect.

The daily throwing is very clean, the lenses need not be cared and can be throw away after using in any day, but it has very high water content, that will cause eyes dried.

The monthly throwing and the yearly throwing are very suitable for the people who need to wear lenses for very long time, they have relative moderate water content,thus they're very easy to wear. But their shortcoming is they need to be cleaned and cared everytime before worn on eyes if we want to use them for long time,otherwise they will cause some illness to the eyes.

Therefore, we should choose and buy the lenses according to the time we need to wear.

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