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Tips that you never know about colored contact lenses-TTD ·Q&A-Chapter 3

HELLO Everyone!

Welcome to Chapter 3 of TTDQ&A- Tips you have not known about colored contact lenses.

Let us learn about these tips together now!

Q1: Can the yearly-throwing colored contact lenses be worn for full of year?

The answer is certainly No.

Even though there are yearly-throwing colored lenses and monthly-throwing lenses and daily-throwing lenses 3 sorts of colored lenses, all of them have the limited using time. As the yearly-throwing lenses, they are allowed to be used within 8 hours actually. If they are used for more than 8 months, usually that will cause protein and bacteria accumulated easily,and lead to the eyes dried and infection.

Q2: Which ones should we choose from the 3 sorts of colored lenses- yearly, monthly or daily?

The yearly-throwing lenses and the monthly-throwing lenses are relatively harder than the daily lenses, but they have great air permeability, good hydrophilicity, and they are very easy to wear. However, they are easy to absorb bacteria and protein scale after worn for long time

The daily-throwing lenses are very thinner and softer than the other 2 kinds of lenses, thus they are not easy to wear for the ones who wears them at the first time,but they are cleaner and healthier for the eyes.

If your budget and income is, we suggest you to choose the daily-throwing lenses!

If you chooses the monthly-throwing or the yearly-throwing lenses, please pay attention to its cleaning!

Q3:How to clean the lens?

We should replace old care solution in the cases into new solution every day, and soak and clean the lenses before wearing the lenses everytime.We must pay attention to protect the health of the eye, should not be too lazy to clean the lenses.

How to clean the lenses:1.Place the lens in the palm of your hand,then use your palm to hold the lens like a bowl.2.Put the care solution drop into the palm, let the lens be soaked,then scrub the lens with your index finger

3.Next, hold the lens with the thumb and forefinger,

4.Finally, wash the lenses with a large amount of care solution, and scrub the lens back and forth with the thumb and forefinger at the same time.

Q4: What should we pay attention to when we clean the lenses?

Firstly, the disinfection after removing the lenses is very important. As with disinfection, we shouldscrub the front and back sides of the lens several times with the fingers to clean the lens, then wash the lens thoroughly with fresh care solution to prevent adhesion of pathogenic microorganisms in the lens, and soak the lens in the fresh care solution for several hours.

Secondly, we should not reuse the care solution or use the full-featured care solution to clean the lenses.

In the case, the care solution used to store and soak should be discarded immediately after use, and fresh care solution should be changed daily regardless of whether the contact lens is used on that day.

Next, we should keep the lenses in the fresh care solution after cleaning them even we do not use them.

We should clean the lenses every 3 days,then wash the case with flush water or use toothbrush to scrub and clean the lenses case. Let the case dry naturally, then replace the lenses cases every month.

Finally, we should not place the lens case with the lenses on the dark, wet, non-air-flowed field,to prevent mold contamination.

We should pay attention to the effectiveness of the care solution, generally we should run out it within 3 months after opening the package, or follow the instructions of usage of care solution.

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