Tips to Care for Colored Contact Lenses
22nd Mar 2018 | Posted by TTDeye

Tips to Care for Colored Contact Lenses

You might like wearing contact lenses, but there's something you may not know about it.

Such as:

Q: Can I clean my contacts with tap water ?

You can't clean your contacts with tap water like you clean fruits or vegetables in daily life, because your contacts will be tainted by regular water, instead of becoming clean.

Most contact lenses wearers don't know the truth that there are chemicals and bacteria our existing in tap water and even purified water that eyes couldn't detect.

Q: What time should I remove them immediately ?

Don't touch your contacts with your hands while they are in your eyes. If your contact lenses hurt or tickle, take out and put in again.

If your eyes start to feel pain or uncomfortable, even after you have taken off your contacts, consult your eye doctor.

Q: Should I put in my contact lenses before makeup ?

Wearing your contact lenses instead of your makeup should be your first thing in the morning. And make sure that you put in your contacts before wearing makeup to avoid staining your contacts.

Also, remember to take off your contacts before removing your makeup at any time, since your movement removing eye makeup may hurt or break the lens. And don't put your lenses in if your eyes feel pain or discomfort.

Q: Can I wear my contacts through the night ?

Always take out your contacts before you go to bed unless you are told by your eye doctor to do so for extend wearing.

Sometimes you just feel tired and fall asleep, then you forget to remove your contacts. Or you just wear them into sleep at night for saving time. But there is no execuse to sleep with your contacts in. Wearing your contacts through the night can cause some symptoms of your eyes, include pain, eye redness, tearing,light sensitivity and blurred vision.

Q: Do I need to change my makeup often wearing contacts?

The answer is “Yes”. You do need to change your makeup regularly in case it gets germ in it.

You can't always keep the same makeup, because it is related to higher risk of getting eye diseases, especially for those who love wearing contact lenses.

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