Tips to Choose Colored Contacts for Your Eye Color & Hair Color
26th Mar 2018 | Posted by TTDeye

Tips to Choose Colored Contacts for Your Eye Color & Hair Color

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Colored contactsdon't have the same visual effect in different people’s eyes. Apart from the pattern features, your eye colorand hair colorcan not be neglected while selecting colored contacts.

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The following tips below we give you are based on our orders and the shopping habits of our customers. You don't have to agree with us if you dislike them.

Colored Contacts For Dark Eyes

More than 70% of the world population get dark eyes (dark brown and black). Do you know the right colored contacts for dark eyes ? Blue, green and grey contacts are the best ones.

 Super Natural Blue Contacts       Super Natural Green Contacts     Super Natural Grey Contacts

   Super Natural Blue Contacts          Super Natural Green Contacts                 Super Natural Grey Contacts

When choosing colored contact lenses, it's very important to have a natural look on your eyes while the lenses to be essentially invisible to others.

Ideal Colored Contacts For Dark Eyes 

                TTDeye Dodo Pink Contacts

                                                           TTDeye Dodo Pink Contacts

If you don`t like blue, green, or grey contacts for your dark brown or black eyes, there are still opaque colored contacts you can choose. Ideal options for you are pink, violet or purple contacts.

               TTDeye Mystery Purple Contacts

                                                TTDeye Mystery Purple Contacts

Unlike tinted contacts, opaque lenses is patterned with 3 or more tones, the pigment used in the lens will completely disguise your natural eye color. With opaque colored contacts, it is very easy to make your eyes dazzling and naturally wonderful.

Special Contacts For Dark Eyes

Remember that brown eyes or black eyes can make a wonderful look - you can try some contacts with various shades like honey, hazel and beige.

            TTDeye Queen Chocolate Contacts

                                                  TTDeye Queen Chocolate Contacts

These contact lenses will brighten your eyes with a naturally beautiful looking. Ideal for girls who want to keep a low profile, but enjoy a visual difference.

Color Contacts For Light Eyes

If you want to change your eye color slightly or just a little bit, we suggest you go for an enhancement tint that outlines the edges of your iris and intensifies your original eye color.

           TTDeye Polar Lights Grey contacts

                                                    TTDeye Polar Lights Grey contacts

And if you want your eye color change into a different color while still keeping a naturally wonderful look, you might take green or grey contact lenses with you , for example, if your natural eye color is blue.

           TTDeye Queen Grey contacts

                                                      TTDeye Queen Grey contacts

To people with light-colored eyesand a cool complexion with blue-red undertones, if you're chasing a sticking look that stands out easily among people, you might find contacts in warm color contact lens like light brown.

                             TTDeye Sunflower Brown contacts

                                                      TTDeye Sunflower Brown contacts

What About Your Hair ?

Colored Contacts For Girls With Brown Hair

                       TTDeye Queen Grey contacts

                                      TTDeye Queen Grey contacts with medium brown hair

Favored by god, girls with medium brown hair are the luckiest in selecting their colored contacts, because they won't have trouble finding their right colored contacts and almost every color pair well with their hair color.

Colored Contacts For Girls With Blonde Hair

Girls with blonde or golden-brown hair can go for colored contacts, like chocolate, blue and deep browns, as darker colored contacts match well with your hair color.

                  TTDeye Clear Sky contacts

                                                TTDeye Clear Sky contacts with blonde hair

Lighter contacts like grey and beige ones still catch up, but will grant you a clearly mixed Eurasian look. And remember to paint your brows with the same as your hair to prevent an awkward look.

Colored Contacts For Girls With Black Hair

                 TTDeye Queen Blue  Colored contacts

                                            TTDeye Queen Blue contacts with black hair

People with black or blue-black hair wearing blue or purple contacts, will make a beautiful contract on their look. If you want a natural look, do not hesitate to use brown contact lenses.

Colored Contacts For Pink, Purple, Blue & Other Brightly Colored Hair

                           TTDeye Queen Brown contacts

                                          TTDeye Queen Brown contacts with red hair

It is very difficult to find a pair of colored contacts? No! There are still ways out. If you are one of them having unique hair color, you should try colored contacts likebrown or black circle lenses to make a good look.

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