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What are the Common Contact Lenses Problems of Buying and Wearing

This article is divided into two parts. In the first part, common contact lens problems when you decide to buy contact lens will be introduced. In the second part, you will read information about common contact problems when wear a lens.

For people who are considering buying contact lens.

When you consider buying contact lens, many things you might to take into account. Such as what kind of lens you should buy? Soft lens or RGP lens, is it easy to be infection? What should I check out when buying contact lens? In this part, I will tell you all I knew.

There are many kinds of contact lens we can get. However, there are two basic types, Soft lens and hard lens. Soft lens provide comfortable wearing experience and hard lens provide clear vision.

As to the second problem, I have to say if you are caution of cleaning, it wouldn’t that easy to take place. Most contact lens brands have their own sterile solution and cleaning, you should remember clean it after daily use. Another thing should be point out is don’t borrow your lens to others. It can result in infection or allergy.

When you decide to buy a contact lens, you should check out oxygen permeability, central thickness and water content. These three parameters are the top 3 things you should take into consideration. High oxygen permeability can prevent your eyes feel dry. The thin the central thickness is, the more comfortable you may feel. As to water content, the suitable range is around 30%. If higher than it, your eyes may easy feel dry.

For someone who have worn contact lens

There are some common contact problems when you wear them. For example, your eyes will be red or sore. In the following chart, you will know what happens to your eyes. What I want to emphasize is that it didn’t conclude all kinds of possible reasons. The best way is to see a doctor.

Symptom Reasons Solution
Eyes get dry and red lUse eyes for a long time and your eyes feel tired

lThe bad condition of environment.

lPoor oxygen permeability.

lTake a rest

lTry to blink for a while

lUse some eye drops to relieve dry.

Feeling of something in eyes lYou should spend more time adapting it



lCorneal Laceration

lFungal Keratitis

lLens’ broken

lGo and see a doctor

Ways to prevent it

lTry to clean your lens on daily basis

lDon’t wear your lens when you sleeping

Feel pricking lDamage on lens

lMakeup on lens


lLens precipitates

lTake lens out

lClean lens

lGo to the hospital

That’s all of the common contact lens problems before and after wearing lens. Hope you can find something useful.

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