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7 Limbal Ring Contact Lenses to Accent Your Limbal Ring for a Rich, Magnetic Appearance!

June 18, 2020 4 min read

7 Limbal Ring Contact Lenses to Accent Your Limbal Ring for a Rich, Magnetic Appearance!

Meta Description: Want to accent your limbal ring for a rich and magnetic appearance? Limbal ring contact lenses in varied colors are to go for. Check them out and explore the options!




The impossible is done. Once getting any help for your eyewear made your social life almost over. Any spectacle would make you look out of place at a party. But, here comes the modern science and its gift in the form of color contact. Now, even people without the need of prescription glass want to wear contact lenses! Why? Because, while special effects contact lenses can be a once in a year thing, the color contact lenses can play a serious role in your looks for everyday purposes. And, if you are serious about changing your outlook by getting eyewear, then you should get limbal ring contact lenses. I mean, if the whole point of getting fashion gismo is to look attractive and younger, there is no other thing that can do better than a limbal ring contacts lens.


The Limbal Ring Contact Lens


Let’s discuss the limbal ring first, shall we? This particular ring is the thing that separates the white part of the eye from the color part. Or, in other words, the boundary between sclera and the iris. What many of us didn’t know, this slight patch of the ring can make all the difference. The limbal rings create a contrast between sclera and iris that makes the eye more attractive. The major brand has, at last, grasped the true meaning of this scientific discovery and acted upon it.

So, when you are searching for colored lenses, the term limbal ring started to feature more and more into your browser. Whether you are just looking to enhance your natural eye color or trying to have something different for your eye, the limbal ring is going to play a huge role. More so, if you are seeking natural-looking color contact lenses.

So, now that we have some knowledge about the limbal ring and limbal ring contact lenses, what should we do? Just, march for a shop, grab a limbal ring? No, you have to have some other information in your arsenal. Because, just as in natural eyes, there are several options available for contact lens users.



Types of Limbal Ring Contact Lenses:


No limbal ring - They are the most natural-looking colored contact lenses. But, as we age, the depth of natural limbal rings wears out. If you are facing that, then maybe these contact lenses are not your thing.

Slight limbal ring - A slight limbal ring contact lens features a slightly darker ring. It complements your natural iris color with a slight contrast.

Strong limbal ring - These lenses have a more defined and noticeable dark limbal ring that will enhance your eye color. If you are trying for a dramatic, bold look, then give these lenses a go.

Contrasting limbal ring - If you are thinking about adding mystery to your eyes, then the contrasting lenses are more of your thing. These lenses have an outer ring that is contrasted in the color of iris.


Top 7 Limbal Ring Contact Lenses

So, you want to give your limbal ring a rich magnetic appearance; then, you should check out these seven limbal ring contact lenses.


Little Black Circle Colored Contact Lenses


Less is more, and that’s the best tagline for the Natural Touch Black Circle Lenses. These lenses will make your iris prominent and give your eye an enlarged appearance. The lens will blend with your natural dark eyes smoothly. They are available in both prescription and non-prescription.   


Edge Brown Colored Contact Lenses


If you have brown eyes and are looking for something to enhance your natural beauty, these should be perfect for you. A limbal ring of chocolate surrounding a light cocoa pattern can be the boost you are searching for. Available in both non-prescription and myopia prescription, Edge Brown contact lense is the ultimate natural-looking contact lens.


Pearl Grey Colored Contact Lenses


TTDeye defines the brand renowned for its natural-looking lenses. These grey lenses will bring out the hidden sparkle of your eye. You will get the boost of a prominent limbal ring and enhanced color. They are available for both people with perfect eyesight and myopia.


Gaea Pink Colored Contact Lenses


Add a totally different color to your eye and still look natural with these lenses. These limbal ring contact lenses can be used for 1 year. You can use them even if you don’t have a prescription. This pink shade will add something more to your eye and make you look more vibrant.


Uranus Green Colored Contact Lenses


Your gorgeous green eyes were not getting the attention they deserve? Well, not anymore. These Uranus Green Colored Contact Lenses cant go unnoticeable. They come with an interesting pattern that will enhance any eyes. 


Real Caramel Colored Contact Lenses


If you are trying to highlight your brown eyes, then Real caramel-colored contact lenses are going to make you joyful. They will enhance your natural color by creating an illusion of bigger eyes. Get these caramel brown contacts; you will love them. 


Euramerican Blue Colored Contact Lenses


Euramerican blue colored contact lenses can be used on almost any eye. They will add a prominent limbal ring and give a blue hue to your natural eye, which will be so natural that nobody will think of contact lenses!




If you are using contact lenses for sometimes, you probably know how important it is to have the perfect eyewear. While color contact can be fun to wear at parties, you will need the natural-looking lens. And, the limbal ring contact lenses are the best for an everyday look. As these will instantly boost your eye color and look. But, always remember to check with your eye doctor before trying any lenses. Ill-fitted lenses will harm your eye, then you can imagine.


If you have any more queries about limbal ring contacts, you can check this out.


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