Since Chanel autumn 2016 4d exotic eyes has launched,number 268 has been a hit until now. A lot of people praiseits good texture and color matching! Chanel 268, the most popular one with four colors: Brown, light brown, dark brown and Red-Brown, is really a wild card that suits many kinds of lenses. Whether you are innocent or sophisticated ,this one can meet you.


A suitable eye shadow can not only add points to your eye makeup, it can also make you shine in the crowd. Eye shadow and cosmetic match, let your eyes no longer dull. A plate of CHANEL 268 can be used in almost any capacity, depending on the look you're going for. You can use it in the crease or as a liner for an everyday look. You'll also be able to use it to dramatic smoky eye makeup.So,how to use CHANEL268 matching lenses to give your eyes different feelings?

1.Chanel 268 match dark moss green


First,Use Brown eye shadow sweep eye fold,then,embellish palpebral inferior with a reddish brown color,which in my mind plays a role of finishing touch. green lenses add a stream of mysterious and playful to the whole eye makeup. The colorific is both inconsistent and natural.The demand for green in this makeup is high, I think a pair of dark moss green lenses is a good choice. 268 matchcrystal ball blue contact lenses




This is a very daily makeup, use Brown shadow cover the eye socket, light brown at the end of the eye, slightly bloom lower eyelid with light brown, blue eyes give us the feeling of sea pure, such makeup is very girly,and is suitable for high school young girls and other people who are not fond of heavy makeup.The key to this makeup is the degree of hydration of the colored contact lenses, so make sure choose the beautiful eye pupil with high moist degree.

3.CHANEL 268 match brown contact lenses



Channel 268 is also suitable for creating brightly colored stage makeup or party makeup. How to build a party Queen makeup with CHANEL268? First,use the red brown shade to sculpt and add depth. Then,intensify your eye fold with dark brown,after that choose the lightest shade to brighten up your brow bone or the inner corner of your eyes,which can illuminate and give your eyes a wide-open effect. Of course,such a arrogant makeup needs deep color to decorate your eyeball,so,a pair of brown contact lenses might be the right choice.


In addition to these I have mentioned, CHANEL 268 and different color lenses also can be outfitted with more eye makeup effect You need to have your own attitude, choosing the most suitable eye makeup for yourself, and being a delicate girl.