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TTDEYE Affiliate Program

ttdeye affiliate program

Why Become Our Affiliate? 

We Sell High Quality Contact Lens.

We Offer High Commission!

What do I need to do?

Are you a fashion/influenced blogger?

Do you want CONTACT LENSES abosolutetly for free?

Don’t hesitate to send us an email(info@ttdeye.com)about yourself. You may get free CONTACT LENSES every month!

Blogger Policy


       We sincerely welcome anyone who is willing to join our affiliation program! There are some standards as follow:

      A, There are some social medium within your charge, like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Blog, Twitter, and so on;

      B, All your social medium are followed by numbers of people, like 5,000 - 10,000 followers in your Ins account, 2,000 in your Facebook

      C, There are some certain amounts of feeds or videos in the page; all you posts are followed or subscribed by many people, like over 1,000 likes and several comments for each post from your Instagram; 700-800 attentions and friends from your Facebook; 10,000 subscribers and 100,000 play from your YouTube channel. And it would be great if you do love writing blog, which is very precious for people now writing passage to share good things!

          II.You could take photos and videos of wearing our lenses within 7 days once you receive the items, putting them in your Instagram, Facebook,Blog, YouTube, or other social platforms, and including the coupon code ,the home page www.ttdeye.com and the name of contacts you are featuring every time in the caption and tagging our account @ttd_eye or @ttdeye at the same time!

          III. Please keep us updated once your posts and videos with our lenses are up!

              Note: Normally it will take nearly 10-20 days for the shipment, but we are not sure about the shipping time once the parcel arrives at destination country which is up to the transition in the destination country! However, we will keep tracking it until you get the parcel yourself!

            IV.All the related posts and videos with TTDeye lenses for All Right Reserved and use!

              We will collect all the materials relating TTDeye contacts from your channel (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Blog, etc.)and edit them before putting them in our pages and sites. If any question on the usage of your profiles, please contact us!

              The Last Step!

              We will get you a unique link after signing your email address in if you agree to join us under the condition of the requirements above;

              Sharing your link in all your social platforms where people can get in by clicking the link you put to accomplish the purchase, like in your profile! Any order from your link will be rewarded with commission from us!

              If more than 100 orders are made through your link(make sure of that people can get in by your link to our website and accomplish their purchase!), you are eligible to be our partner and will get 1% commission for 100 orders, 1.5% for 100-200 orders, 2% for 200-300 orders and so on of all the sales!

              If you have more questions concerning affiliate, Please don't hesitate to contact us.


              Free Shipping for Orders Over $15