TTDeye Emoji Lens Case
TTDeye Emoji Lens Case
TTDeye Emoji Lens Case

TTDeye Emoji Lens Case

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Wearing your pretty Contact Lenses, but still having trouble finding one Contact Lens Case? Emoji Contact Lens Case is definitely your choice

Nowadays, surfing online, you must be familiar with these Emojis and know what they mean.

Catching up with internet culture, makes the case itself not only funny, but also a fashionable contact lens case that stores your contact lenses well.

Emoji Contact Lens Cases consist of 5 family members, they are: Smart Guy, Yeah Gesture, Sinister Smile, Objection, Confused Face and Tears of Joy.

So, which one do you like best? Just click and order, then it will be yours.

Made of premium plastic, the Lens Case is convenient and durable to use. Also it will protect your lenses well due to its strong construction. Lastly, containing a mirror and a little bottle for detergent, wearing and cleaning is not a problem any more.

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