TTDeye Ocean Series Contact Lens Kit
TTDeye Ocean Series Contact Lens Kit

TTDeye Ocean Series Contact Lens Kit

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Love you, love your beautiful expressive eyes, mysterious like deep ocean under 20 thousand miles, clear as fresh sea breezes from Maldives. Without any heavy, noisy and dysphoria, be cool for natural and real. 

Worry about your date, annoy the dull eyes?

Just look TTdeye ocean series contacts lens kit. One color contacts series that popular around the world, millions of girls' favorites. Necessary for appointment, party, school, work or everywhere. Own charming big eyes no longer a dream. 

Shop now, you will enjoy TTdeye's money off, $30 off $99, which means you can save $70 totally, and only spend $180 get 5 great quality ocean series contact lens kits, as well as enjoy fast, free shipping and 7 cute gifts. Don't hesitant, buy now. 

5 Features of Ocean Series Contact Lens Kit

1. Special black dot figure of inner ring similar with pupil's lines,make your eyes more natural and beautiful.
2. 14mm figure diameter suit poeple's eyes best,offer you comfortable feeling, as well as enlarge your eyes.
3. Ocean color,fresh and fashion,be cool and sweet girls
4. 38% water content,keep your eyes constantly moisturize.
5. Excellent materials,soft hydrophilic contact lenses,special squeeze produce techmology,ensure your eyes is safe and easy.

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