TTDeye Doraemon Lens Case
TTDeye Doraemon Lens Case
TTDeye Doraemon Lens Case

TTDeye Doraemon Lens Case

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Seeing this Lens Case, you must think about this cartoon character coming from a well-known Japanese cartoon.

Doraemon is an almighty robot cat with super power and a friend of Nobita. Whenever Nobita gets into trouble, Doraemon will take a stuff out of its pocket to solve his problem. Can you image having a friend like Doraemon? We may not, but you can have one Doraemon Lens Case that brings good luck to you.


1. Doraemon appearance design, cute and fashionable.

2. Lightweight and portable, great for travel and home use.

3. Made of premium plastic, stores and protects your contact lenses well.

4. One stick to help you put in contacts, a clip used to snip contact lenses while cleaning.

5. The lens holder in the kit is the top screw design that helps prevent damage to your lenses.

6. Containing a mirror and a little bottle for detergent, wearing and cleaning is not a problem any more.

Packing List:

1x Contact Lens Case

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