• Party series lens--Mystery Yellow

    REVIEW of @ttd_eye lenses Mystery Yellow . The shipping was very fast and the lenses came with a cute case and little traveling box including tools for the lenses as you can see in my previous post c: Wearing Comfort: ★★★★★ 5/5 These lenses are very comfy t... View Post
  • Dream Lens-Gradient Amber Gray

    Okidoki guys, time for my review of the lenses I received from @ttdeye !!! Gradient Amber Grey from TTDeye's Dream collection Base curve: 8.6mm Diameter: 14.2mm _ Color: 5/5 I really love the color of these contacts. They're fun an not fake looking.The colors show well and I'm really loving the ... View Post
  • Crystal ball Blue,Show it off!

    Figured I should write a review for these lenses since a lot of you had questions! Okay so these lenses are from @ttd_eye and I believe they’re called ‘Cystal ball blue.’I wanted lenses that blended fairly well with my eyes.To the point where you might not be able to tell I’m wearing any but sti... View Post