Something about contact eye exam

eye contact exam eye exam

Nowadays, wear kinds of colored contact lenses have become a fashion, because it’s pretty, convenient and comfortable. More and more people regard contact lenses as the best alternative of glasses, especially for the young whose age between 15 to 24. According to TTDeye’s marketing research, this young people takes up almost 70% among all contact lenses consumer market. Accompanied with more consume in contact lenses market, some eye problem is also coming, most of them are lead by fault use of contact lenses. Such as have no idea how to choose the suitable circle lenses, how to get correct eye...

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Tips that you never know about colored contact lenses-TTD ·Q&A-Chapter 1

Practical tips to common probelms you may encounter when wearing lenses in life!

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Rihana eye shadow with color lenses

colored contacts makeup ttdeye

    Robin Rihanna is one of the best singers of all over the world. She has won eight Grammy Awards and released five Platinum-Certified albums. What’s more, her taste of fashion is highly praised by the mainstream media. There's so much to love about this girl, whether it's with her chart-topping albums or her eclectic style or her gorgeous makeup.   Ever since Rihanna launched her Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eye shadow Palette, it is a really star and has caused seismic waves across the industry, this collection is filled with dramatic color and glitter, is designed for intense finish. There are 14 shades in the brand's palette, and every one...

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Do victoria secret baby use color lenses?

colored contacts colored contacts for dark eyes contacts makeup prescription colored contacts ttdeye

    On November 25, Victoria Secret show is about to sail in Shanghai,over the years, the focus of the Victoria's secret show is highly anticipated, it's a Visual and aesthetic feast. In front of the camera, the angels are gorgeous, with firm skin, lovely figure, they are not only sexy goddess in the eyes of boys, but also woman’s imitated object. Both on stage and in the real life, Victoria Secret Angel’s makeup has a lot of places worthy of our reference. As we all know, a pair of eye contact lenses always makes your eyes shining, our angels also know that. Today, we are going to...

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Best Color Lenses for Transgender Women

colored contacts colored contacts for dark eyes contacts how to makeup prescription colored contacts ttdeye

    “I was born trans. And I discovered that I was trans at about the age of 13.” , says Andreja Pejic, who is a high-fashion transgender model and always knows what she wants to be. In front of the camera, she is so confidence and dares to share her journey to becoming a woman unreservedly.   Facing with a barrage of criticism and questions, she still fellow her heart rather than hid who she was. Gorgeous as she is, she could be an admirable icon of all the trans. Just don’t be afraid, try to be brave in front of crowds...

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