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11 Most Natural Looking Colored Contacts-And Where To Buy Them

June 15, 2020 4 min read

11 Most Natural Looking Colored Contacts-And Where To Buy Them

Meta Description: Creating an enhancing and vibrant look in a professional way is easy when you know what to do. We have the most natural-looking color contacts that match your personality without making a noticeable impact.


There are many reasons to choose colored contact lenses as eyewear. Some people like to enrich their natural eye color. And, others may want to have some fun, and use the special effects one. Whatever your reason to choose color contact lenses, you should have plenty of knowledge about what lenses are best for your eye. When I say best for the eye, I mean the shape, color, and brand. Because any type of eyewear has to be taken with caution. And, if you are trying to give yourself an enhancing and virant look in a professional way, then it is better to get the most natural-looking color contacts that match with you.

Types of colored contacts

Color contact is the most subtle way to change your look. You can slightly enhance the brightness of your iris or even change the color. Some lenses are perfect for a theme party or Halloween night; those are called special effects contact lenses. But, we are here to discuss natural-looking color contact that will enhance your look and personality. We can now get both prescription and Plano (without power) color contact. There are three types of color contact that we can get for our eye.

Visibility tint

These are the standard lenses people use. They have light green or blue hues just for visibility purposes. Their faint color does not have any special effect on your eyes.

Enhancement tint

These are the most used natural color contact.They have solid translucent colors that enhance the natural iris. These are the contacts you should get if you are just looking to get more vibrant eyes. But, these are better for light-colored eyes. For darker eyes? Not so much.

Opaque/ Color tint

These are not transparent contacts. If you want to have something different as your eye color, these are the best for you. For darker eyes, these are preferable. Special effects contact lenses are the extreme version of these color tint lenses.


11 Most Natural Looking Colored Contacts


Now that we have all the necessary knowledge of color contacts let's take a look at most natural-looking colored contacts. Shall we?

1. Polar Lights Brown Colored Contact Lenses


If you are looking for something to boost your natural look, these brown-colored lenses can be the right choice for you. The TTDeye polar lights brown lenses are perfect for both light and dark eyes! These lenses are made of 3 layers, so your cornea is safe. They are built to let in oxygen, so your eye will be moist, and they help with UV blocking. 


2. Blooming Grey Colored Contact Lenses


If you want to empower your gaze and show your confidence to the world, you should give these

natural-looking contact lenses a try. They are right for light and dark eyes and have a 12 months life period.


3. Real Aqua Colored Contact Lenses


If you want to have something to use in your daily life, these authentic real-life looking real aqua colored lenses are the best option for you. It is made of silicone hydrogel material, so your eyes will be in the right hands. 


4. Ice Green Colored Contact Lenses


Only one minute to put on, and you can have the refreshing, soothing summer treat of an ice-cream! Yes, with this ice green look, you can capture anyone's attention you desire! 

5. Spanish Green Colored Contact Lenses


Looking for a summer retreat? How about a lovely beach in Spain? It seems unreachable, but with these glorious contact lenses, you will be as happy as on a euro tour. 


6. Donut Blue Colored Contact Lenses


Change your whole outlook just by changing your eye color! Yes, that can be arranged if you choose the donut blue colored contact as your new partner in eye care.    

7. Egypt Brown Colored Contact Lenses


Looking to add some mystery to your eyes? Want to add a faraway look that can mesmerize others? Then take a look at this queen Cleopatra inspired lens.  

8. Dodo Grey Colored Contact Lenses


Innocent as a baby, pure as an angel, Yes, that's the effect these lenses will create on your look, once you wear them. You can wear them even in dark-colored eyes. They can help you to moisturize your eyes. 

9. Pony Grey-Blue Colored Contact Lenses


If you are trying to get a hybrid look, the pony grey-blue contact lense is the right choice. Classic blue edge mixed with the inner light brown ring will make your eyes pop. 

10. Little Black Circle Colored Contact Lenses


We all know how much of an effect a limbal ring can create on attractiveness. These colored contact lenses gave importance to these facts, and they are used to create an enlargement effect. So, your natural color will be enough to shine like a star.  

11. Uranus Green Colored Contact Lenses


Create magic with the eye. These golden dots will enhance anyone. They have the perfect balance of mystery and glamour to hook anyone. A hint of gold on a green surface with the addition of a grey ring is everything you are looking for in a natural-looking color contact. 



Always take note of your wardrobe and find what color compliments you more. Take note of your skin tone and hair color, your preferred hairstyle, and your most-used casual outfit. If you can measure these, you will be more successful in finding the most natural-looking color contact. Always try to get a color contact that is most eligible with your natural eye and personality. Always get an opinion from an eye doctor before choosing any contact. Any kind of lenses should be fitted appropriately and tried before you settle on them. Now, with all the information you need to get the most natural-looking color contact, what shade are you thinking of getting? Let us know.


If you want to know more about natural-looking color contact, check this video.


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