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Top Makeup Trends To Go With Colored Contact Lenses

July 06, 2020 4 min read

Top Makeup Trends To Go With Colored Contact Lenses

Meta Description: Looking for eye makeup trends to go with colored contact lenses? We have made a few suggestions through this post to help you define your eyes!

Style is a medium to display your personality to the world without actually talking about it. So, it is common for females to want a change in their fashion game. This is not just restricted to their clothing and hair, but also the color of the eye. It is popularly said that the first thing that others notice in someone’s face is their eyes. They have the power to lure someone in, charm them, and keep them captivated. While choosing eye color, you need to go for the one that impresses you the most. Next comes the task of makeup.  If you already use contact lenses, you know that makeup does pose a problem in certain cases. There is this fear of lens contamination and also a bad choice of colors that don’t go with your lens color.

Remember Three Basic Rules of Eye Makeup With Colored Contact Lenses!

Firstly – Always use a primer before you begin with your eye makeup. This way your makeup will stay on longer.

Second – If you are using an eye pencil or Kohl for eyes, you need to stay away from the lid ledge. This holds true for any eye color or eyeliner too. 

Third – Lastly, use makeup setting spray but in minimal amounts. This will prevent sweat and also unwanted smudging.

That being said, let’s get deeper into the topic and explore what type of eye makeup will suit the diverse eye colors. Here are a few lenses of TTDeye and the makeup that goes well with them.

Terracotta Orange Eye Makeup

For the queen blue color lenses, it will be great to opt for the brown shades. Preferably, go for the ones that aren't too dark and have a blend of orange in them. You can smudge a brown eyeshadow as the base, and then blend in orange on the top. If not, then go for a direct terracotta color. If you plan on topping that with eyeliner, then choose a shade of brown only. This will keep the makeup subtle and also define your eyes. 

The Colorful Brown Eye makeup

If you are going for TTDeye’s polar light blue color, then you can choose some sparkling eye shadow. But be sure that they stick to the skin and do not drizzle down on to your lenses. Buy them in the shades of brown’s and golden. These are standard colors that never go wrong with the blues. If you want a bang on color, then copper is the one for you. With a slight shine, this color along with bronze eyeliner will be great for the polar blue eyes.   

Sparkling Purple Eye makeup



Rorastar grey is similar to the dazzling stars of the galaxy. It appears like you’ve trapped the magnificence of the burning stars in your eyes. In that case, go for purple or a shade of violet. Blend this as the base and add some silver sparkles on the top. You can even go for a stroke of black eyeliner that is not too thick. This will give a bold and sexy look to your eyes!

The Rainbow Eye makeup


Real Aqua is the most sorted contact lens color. And even the makeup options for this one are diverse. If you are a peppy person, then you can go for the VIBGYOR on your eyelid. With a base of the rainbow and a thick black eyeliner wing, your eyes will look loud. However, if you want a subtle look, then go for the pinks and blues. An inner blue and yellow smudge with an outer pink finish will give you simple yet elegant eye shadow look. 

The Shades of Green Eye makeup


Green eyes are hypnotizing. You don’t have to do much to make them stand out. Blend in a proper natural color and go for a simple eyeliner wing, and you’ll still look marvelous. But if you are looking for the party appearance, then experiment around with shades of green and yellow with a tinge of charcoal at the end are ideal. A deeper shade of pink will suit too. 

Darkgreen Eye Makeup


When you are wearing a twinkle brown eye lens, then shades of green will decor your eyes perfectly. This could be dark green, light green, or even pastel green. You can also match with some sparkle and dark grey eyeshadow. The smoky eye look is perfect for these eyes. 

Royal Blue Eye Makeup

Royal blue is the best color that matches with Spanish brown contact lenses. Procure the thickest mascara that you can get your hands on. A shiny royal blue eyeshadow, followed by a thin defining black eyeliner stroke, close to the eyelashes; A little bit of kohl on the lower lid and strokes of mascara - TA DA! That is the best chic eye look!

Charcoal and Grey Eye Makeup

This eye color is made for smoky eyes! Black eyeliner, kohl and some charcoal shade eyeshadow will look marvelous on these real crystal eyes. You can even go for a slight grey blend below the eyebrows, above the eyelid. Keep the colors dark when you are going to a party or an event. For a simple hangout look, a light shade of grey or natural color will do. 

The Ice Pink Eye Makeup


Ice pink contact lenses are having a dark background with a generous splatter of pink here and there. For such eyes, you can safely choose the colors from the pink family. Baby pink, rose pink, dark pink, purple, violet will suit best with these eyes. Depending upon the event, and how bold you want your eyes to be, choose the color. The lighter shades are simple while the darker ones are sexier. 

Funky Neon Eye Makeup


Neon eyeshadows are the hot options for females who go for elf green eyes. Otherwise, a bright shade of yellow, pastel green or even purple will look good with them. Turquoise blue is an unexplored option that you can try. Don’t forget to extend your eyeliner wing longer, go for thick mascara or even lash extensions. 

At the end of the day, keep your eyes clean, follow the lens routine, and eat healthy to bring out the natural charm in your eyes. That way, your beauty will never fade. 

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