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Founded in 2011, TTdeye has become one of famous contact lenses brand around the world. Rely on 7 years’ experience, Ttdeye factory will meet so many your demands for contact lenses, such as make you more beautiful and special. Besides, we are quite confident to offer you some meaningful contact lenses design, such as the Christmas color contacts, cosplay coloured contact lenses and so on.

During these 7 years development, TTDEYE company are outstanding after so many contact lenses export business, whose turnover have reached 80 million, and are expected to reach 1 billion this year. On the basis of delicate design and responsible attitude, TTdeye made great breakthrough and fast growing these years, stepping ahead of e-commerce industries. More importantly visits only to Instagram platform reach up to 270 thousand and are still growing.

“Seeing Different” -TTdeye’s slogan

Always insist in the principle of “quality first, custom ahead”, Ttdeye will try our best to provide all our customers first class contact lenses with thousands of colors, and seeking fashion, beauty as well as health for every girl to find love, happiness and wonderful tomorrow.

Considering your health and safety, we test every our contact lenses in few complicated processes, which includes put these contact lenses in boiling water in order to ensure them can work normally in some hot environment.

Due to great reputation and responsible attitudes, Ttdeye’s contact lenses own lots of loyal customers in the world, such as the South Korea, Japan, England, American, and Singapore and so on.

All Ttdeye’s contact lenses are made by our own factory, which will ensure customers benefits maximum, and let you buy so good products while in low cost.

Do the best color contact lenses, Ttdeye is always on the way. When you choose Ttdeye, you also choose the high quality, low cost and thoughtful service.

Just choose your favorite contact lenses from Ttdeye right now.

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Company Name: Candy Network Technology Limited.

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