TTDeye Polar Lights Blue-Grey Colored Contact Lenses
TTDeye Polar Lights Blue-Grey Colored Contact Lenses
TTDeye Polar Lights Blue-Grey Colored Contact Lenses
TTDeye Polar Lights Blue-Grey Colored Contact Lenses
TTDeye Polar Lights Blue-Grey Colored Contact Lenses

TTDeye Polar Lights Blue-Grey Colored Contact Lenses

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Product Details

Applicable to all people!

Wear TTDeye polar lights blue-grey contacts, own bright and natural eyes to enjoy this wonderful world.

Detail of Polar Lights Blue-Grey Lenses

Color: Differ from polar lights grey contacts, TTDeye polar lights blue-grey using light brown as an intermediate color, made it one color contact that so near to people's pupil texture.

Materials: Non-Ionic Raw Materials keep your eyes moist all day long, and effectively avoid protein precipitate.
Diameters: 14.2mm Diameters can cover eyes perfectly, making our eyes natural and real.
Water Content: 42% Water Content offer enough water that your eyes need, keeping our eyes comfortable and easy.
Painting Tech: Sandwich painting process of blue-grey colored contacts divided this lens into 3 layers, avoid lens pigment connect our eyes directly, protect our eyes from harm.
Yearly disposable.
Package: With TTDeye brand new package, sweet and beautiful. Average one pair of light blue and gray contacts have 3 packages with box and packing bag. We ensure every our customers receive well-packaged light blue-gray contact lenses.
Shipping: Usually, our polar lights blue-gray contacts lenses can be your place for 2 weeks. However, due to different countries, the shipping time may be different. Detail information is as followings.
Similar to Queen Grey Colored Contact Lenses and Euramerican Green-Grey Colored Contact Lenses

4 Smart Features of TTDeye Polar Lights Blue-Grey Lenses

1. TTDeye special invited 6 people that with different eye color from Europe and America, and using the precise instrument to take the pictures of their pupil in 100 times enlarge in professional ophthalmology. These are the prototype of 6 kinds of polar lights contacts.
2. According to the refractive index of a spectrum, matched with the mapping of the human cornea, which perfectly makes our eyes go with polar lights blue-grey contact lenses well.
3. TTDeye copies these 6 people's eyes color totally, then designed polar lights series contact lenses. So does ttdeye blue-grey eye contacts, that's why other people can hardly find your blue-gray contacts even in the close distance.
4. After 16 times trial and error, as well as 1-year research, TTDeye publishes this polar lights light blue-grey colored contacts with high quality and suitable price.

If you are looking for natural and real contacts, polar lights blue-grey contact lenses will be your smart choice, just buy now.

Water content: 38%
Thickness: 0.08mm
Texture: Polymacon
Base curve: 8.5mm
Diameter: 14.0mm/14.2mm
Period of use: 12 months
Packaging: 1 Pair (2 lenses)

Shipping Time

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Delivery Time (Natural Days)

Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Netherlands

7-14 Days

United States, Spain, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Austria, Japan, Belgium, India, Ireland, Turkey, Portugal, Czech Republic, Serbia, Nigeria, Luxembourg, Thailand, Malta, Estonia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Oman, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Albania, New Zealand, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Switzerland, Denmark, Croatia, Canada

10-20 Days

Russia, Slovakia, Morocco, Romania, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Latvia,Finland, Hungary, United Arab Emirates

10-25 Days

Italy, Israel, Greece, Malaysia, Peru,South Korea, Vietnam

15-35 Days

Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Philippines

20-50 Days

Brazil, Chile

At least 25 Days

South Africa, Argentina

At least 35 Days

Qatar, Mauritius

Delivery Time Untrackable

DHL Express (In normal situation)

Most Countries

Within 7 Days

If you want use DHL Express, please contact our customer service!

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